What's in a name?

For all magazine publishers, choosing a title has always been one of the most critical stages in its development. How publishers approach this however varies wildly from title to title. Many  publishers understandably go for a title that reflects the content and immediately tells the reader what they can expect in terms of content. However, this blog post isn’t for Wedding Planner magazine or Equestrian Plus because we reckon you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what’s inside. Instead, we’ll highlight some of the more ambiguously monikered titles on YUDU’s Shelves, and hopefully point a few people in the direction of magazines they might not otherwise dip in to.

Undoubtedly the best place to start is with No-TiTLE Magazine. The magazine’s pastille coloured cover art, accompanied by a distinct lack of text other than issue number (30) and price (Free), offer little more indication as to what’s beyond the page. Those readers willing to delve past this enigmatic cover however will find that No-TiTLe is in fact the city of Leeds’ premiere free music magazine. The publication inside is far more what you’d expect from a local music mag, offering features, interviews, reviews and gig guides to anyone with access to a copy. For music lovers interested in learning about a specific music scene or community the latest edition can be viewed below.

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Publisher Software from YUDU

Mayhem Magazine is a quarterly UK fashion magazine, but you might not guess it from the title alone. The magazine, celebrating its 1st birthday with its most recent issue, takes an artful look at current fashions, going beyond a typical look at clothing alone. The publication draws in music, home ware, art and even architecture to create a varied, immersive and engaging reading experience. Take a look at its anniversary winter 2011 edition below.

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Unlike the two featured publications above, the significance of The Submission’s title becomes clear once inside. The art publication, released every two months, offers a platform for aspiring artists by beautifully presenting paintings, photography and sketches that are submitted to the magazine. Its clean, uncomplicated presentation ensures focus remains on the artwork, whilst giving the impression each page deserves a frame and a place on a wall somewhere. This one is highly recommended.

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Beyond these three titles, YUDU.com is brimming with hidden gems waiting to be found by readers. With 1000’s of titles on offer, a bit of a search may uncover the magazine you’ve been looking for!

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