YUDU's Enterprise iPad App

An increasing number of companies across the world are finding that the iPad can be deployed in the workplace with beneficial results. In the latest innovation for businesses utilising the mobile device, YUDU Media have created the Enterprise Licence App.

These Apps are closed access iPad apps that are exclusively for internal corporate use and do not get published on the App store. They enable the secure distribution and organisation of all internal content such as training videos, HR documents, sales and marketing materials or technical manuals.

With YUDU’s unique cloud technology, companies themselves are able upload content, which then immediately populates the apps on employee’s iPad devices. This instant distribution of a variety of content ensures every app user is operating with the most up-to-date information available – a must for any company with a highly mobile field workforce.

Not only is the transfer of data immediate, it is also secure. Content stored on the App is encrypted, ensuring that even the most sensitive internal data can be shared via this platform.

For companies that rely on both the currency of their information and the maintenance of a secure and simple distribution channel, the Enterprise Licence App is a revolution in the way internal information is shared.

To find out more about the Enterprise licence app, you can watch our CEO Richard Stephenson talk about it in the following video, or alternatively, request more info through this link.

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