'The Rise of the e-book' – New YUDU Research Report

Hot off the digital press, “The Rise of the e-book: e-book stats and trends” is YUDU’s latest white-paper. The report charts the most important stats, facts and figures to emerge from the e-book industry over the past year, highlighting the exponential growth of the industry.

The last 12 months have seen the ebook emerge as a significant consumer product that is claiming more and more of the book industry as a whole. For many book publishers and authors, the sudden, meteoric rise of the e-book has made an understanding of the market essential.

With this in mind, we’ve created “The Rise of the e-book” to offer a snapshot of the e-book industry for current and would-be e-book publishers operating in the current market. It examines global market growth, e-book’s significance to the publishing industry as a whole, e-reading devices, technological advances and more.

Building on the research of the market in its current form, we also assess what direction the industry appears to be heading in, predicting that amongst other things, the tablet is set to play an increasingly important role in the production, sale and consumption of the e-book.

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Digital Publishing with YUDU

Those interested in more detail can access the white paper online at www.yudupro.com/e-book_whitepaper or on the iPad/iPhone by downloading the YUDU Media App and selecting ‘e-book Report.’

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