The YUDU Report – May 2011

Going live today, we (the YUDU team) have published the first of our quartly reports investigating how users interact with apps for the iPad and iPhone.

The creatively titled YUDU report takes a look at stats from a cross section of YUDU customers’ Apps, and reports the key findings across 6 chapters.

Amongst other important discoveries, we have found that approxomately 40% of customers using these apps supply opt-in data when given the option to do so. This fact is particularly interesting for magazine publishers interested in venturing into Apple territory, however there is plenty more info in the document including data on edition return rate,  user reading time, monthly app downloads and in-app purchasing.

All in all, this is a document publishers can ill-afford not to get thier hands on. With digital publishing growing at a huge rate, the YUDU report presents the realities of publishing with Apple in one clear, concise and informative document.

To read the free full text, please use the flipbook below or follow the direct link here.

To read the report on the iPad, download the YUDU App and you will find the report under latest editions.

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  1. I was surprised that only 64 percent of magazine app users come back for a second visit — would be interesting to see the long-term readership numbers. I would imagine a lot of those folks are window-shopping the first time they visit.

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