PPA Annual Conference review

As is often the case, this years PPA annual conference proved to be an insightful and informative look at the  publishing industry, with several talking points. With so much crammed into one day, we thought a short synopsis of YUDU highlights would be useful for those who couldn’t make it, or for anyone who did but took Park Plaza’s elevator to the wrong floor.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the YUDU stand during the event. We hope any discussions proved as useful to you as they were to us, and if your one of the lucky few, your visit may have landed you in one of the photos below!

The event itself  began with a short introduction to recent PPA activites by PPA Chairman Charles Reed and CEO Barry McIlheney. Amongst this overview of past and present PPA undertakings, were details about a new PPA website.

Following this, the keynote session was lead by former Undertones frontman and now CEO of UK music, Fergal Sharkey.  His adress highlighted how the need for technological adaption was a similar priority for both the publishing and music industry, and how both industries needed to rise to the challenges these advancements present.

Following the first main session of the day, which discussed digital developments from a B2B and consumer perspective, a Question Time-esque panel was assembled featuring none other than YUDU CEO Richard Stephenson. During this open discussion the panel discussed the main themes of the morning as well as fielding questions from the assembled audience.

One of the major talking points was posed by Richard , who urged publishers to ’embrace Apple’ and the guidlines they enforce, stating that “As soon as we get with the programme, we can maximise opportunity”. For an extended version of Richard Stephenson’s say on the matter, read Brand Republic’s article here.

Later in the afternoon more talks streesed the need for a unified audience measurement tool across print and digital platforms. These were followed by a broadcast news session which enthused about the potential for publishers to use high quality video as a new revenue stream.

A similar panel session to the one earlier in the day finished the days proceedings, capping off a hugely successful and thought-provoking examination of the contemporary publishing industry.

Watch the video from the day here

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