Holland's Largest Magazine Printer Partners with YUDU!

Holland’s biggest magazine printer, Senefelder Misset, is now offering YUDU’s custom-branded iPad App solution to its Dutch customers. The brand new service is being sold by Senefelder Misset’s X-Media Solutions division.

Erik Ernens, Commercial Director for Senefelder Misset, said that the decision to work with us was based on all the experience and know-how we have working with the iPad. “We evaluated several options, and felt that YUDU’s custom-branded App approach would best serve the needs of our customers,” said Ernens. “This partnership with YUDU will enable our publishing company clients to quickly and easily get their editions into the App Store and onto the iPad. It also gives them ‘one-stop shopping’ – they can now come to X-Media Solutions for all of their print and digital production needs.”

Shedding further light on the deal, our CEO Richard Stephenson stated, “YUDU has partnered successfully with large printing firms throughout the U.S. and Europe in order to help their clients transition publications to the iPad platform. All they need do is provide us with a print file, and in days we can create a custom App that leaves them in control of their own brand while conforming to Apple’s rules.”

Our Apps act as a container for all new publications from the publisher or company: All YUDU Pro users have to do is upload their master .pdf file to the YUDU platform to easily self-publish directly into the App. Once this is done, App users are notified when new publications are available for in-app purchase or download.

We are really delighted to be given the opportunity to work with such a fantastic company and have our App solution made available to a whole new group of customers!

To view the complete version of this press release please click here

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