YUDU does Local

YUDU.com is brimming with magazines dedicated to showcasing local areas across the UK.

We’ve had a rummage through the 1000s of items published on yudu.com everyday to find some of the best local gems.

The award winning Covent Garden Journal is produced by London based publisher LSC Publishing, who alongside The Covent Garden Journal produces magazines for Marylebone, and Borough. Each magazine focuses on the fashion, retail, culture, food, history and architecture in the respective areas using fantastic photographers and journalists to capture unique insights.

Another magazine available for you Londoners out there is The Notebook a what’s on guide and Lifestyle Magazine for Kensington & Chelsea. This monthly magazine features exclusive interviews, shopping guides and luxury giveaways, a must read for anyone lucky enough to live in Kensington and Chelsea.

Moving up and out of London Redbrook Media follows the river Thames, producing eight Riverside Journals,  lifestyle publications distributed to exclusive Riverside properties in locations along the Thames from Richmond to Oxford.

MediaClash City, produces a collection of high quality ‘Life & Living’ magazines from cities and towns in the heart of England and Wales: Frome, Bath, Cardiff, Clifton, Exeter and Salisbury. The aim of these titles is to celebrate the local shops, property, restaurants and galleries in their respective towns and cities, and to provide a stylish and effective showcase for local advertisers.

Click to view the full digital publication onlineClick to view the full digital publication onlineClick to view the full digital publication onlineClick to view the full digital publication onlineClick to view the full digital publication online

Finally, for anyone living in the South East of the UK there’s Places & Faces a free monthly magazine dedicated to luxury and the best things in life on the Norfolk and Suffolk coast. The magazine is packed with celebrity interviews, theatre, concert and restaurant reviews a showcase for the ultimate in luxury from fashion and cars, to watches, art, theatre, wine, food and holidays.

We hope you enjoy these local treats, keep digging through the YUDU.com library there are plenty more to find.

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