Another successful Publishing Expo

Thank you to everyone who came to see us on Tuesday and Wednesday at Publishing Expo in Earls Court, London. We hope you found it as beneficial as we did! As a long term partner and exhibitor at publishing expo, we’ve seen it grow and improve every year.

If you were unable to attend the show this year, view the digital show guide, to see who was there and find information on each company, speakers and seminars.

What was striking about this year’s event was the sense of excitement amongst many of the attendees regarding the future of the publishing industry.

This optimism was expressed by Keynote speaker and PPA chair Barry McIlheny, who proclaimed a new “golden age” for the publishing industry. His comments came off the back of encouraging survey results reported by Wessenden Marketing. The 101 surveyed publishers predicted turnover would be up on average 6.8% over the next two years- promising projections from an industry that has supposedly been in decline.

Much of what seems to be fuelling publisher’s optimism is the increasing strength of digital publications. The importance of ‘going digital’ for a publishing company was echoed by Dennis CEO James Tye, who stated that at Dennis, “We don’t talk about print or digital any more – we’ve moved to a brand model.”

Comments such as these reflect how digital publications are now perceived. They are no longer considered an experiment that is somehow less important than print. Instead, digital content is now an important component of publisher’s business models, and for many, seen as a key to the future growth of their company.

Alongside the speakers who commented on this topic and variety of others, YUDU Media’s CEO Richard Stephenson presented in the panel “Subs: Taking a bite out of the Apple” which questioned how publishers could function alongside Apple’s subscription service, and if there would be any alternatives.

To read the views put forward by Richard Stephenson in the presentation, see the PowerPoint slides here –

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