YUDU's Illustrated Book Solutions

There is currently vast debate  amongst book publishers about how to adapt to the emerging challenges and opportunities that the digitization of their content presents.

First of all, which reading device do you publish on? Then, do you publish on the web for people to browse your books and download them?There is also the big ‘App’ question! (We will explore this in another blog post.)

We have been in the digital publishing space since 2003, however we remain unconvinced that reading an entire 200-300 page book from cover to cover, online or on the desktop will suddenly emerge to become a mainstream way of reading books. Therefore, at YUDU we can now offer solutions that enable book publishers and authors to get their content on most electronic reading devices. People read while travelling, on holiday or in bed. We believe it is that convenience, and escapism that makes a great book so addictive! We feel that both the iPad and the Kindle will provide readers with that personal experience; an experience that does not remind you about work or all the things you need to get done! It’s an experience that takes you away from it all, and immerses you into another world, and we believe these devices are great at doing it!

This philosophy has led us to come up with some e-publishing solutions specific to book publishers and authors. Due to our background in rich media documents, we are focusing our efforts on illustrated books, where attractive results are difficult to achieve using epub and on the Kindle. We provide a solution for the iBookstore and the Kindle along with our branded apps. We can convert simple text documents (from Word and PDF) to the widely adopted EPUB format, however our specialty is in dealing with images and more complex graphics. Once we have done this, you can leave it to us to submit the books to the iBookstore and the Kindle or you can take the EPUB file and submit it under your own iBookstore or Kindle account. We have set up a website dedicated to serving our ebook publishing clients at www.yudubooks.com. If you wish to have more information about this solution, contact one of our team at books@yudu.com.

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