Photography on YUDU

One of the great things about YUDU is the variety of content that’s published on the site; hundreds of documents from multiple genres are uploaded every day. One such genre is photography.

Snapixel is a magazine produced through photos submitted by a community of photographers and photo enthusiasts, who use to buy, sell and share photos. Once a theme for the magazine has been chosen photos are submitted and the best are assembled to produce the magazine, a fantastic user based mode of showcasing interesting and beautiful photography.

Brink is also a brilliant showcase of inspired photography; the book is a sophisticated collection of work from emerging photographers and artists who have risen to the challenges of creating a collective publication.

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Digital Publishing with YUDU

Brink Magazine

If the publications above inspire you, then there are magazines on YUDU at your disposal to help capture the perfect photo. The award winning Better Digital Photography is a fantastic publication; whether you’re new to the world of photography or photographic veteran this interactive magazine jam packed with special features is the perfect companion, featuring reviews, videos and tips.  If something more specialized is your bag then we have that too, Master Digital Photography, which focuses on profiling renowned photographers, reviewing high end equipment and reporting industry news.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window
Self Publishing with YUDU

Better Digital Photography Magazine

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