Apple iPad: Trends and Statistics

YUDU has produced a free report highlighting the key iPad stats and trends in one easy resource.

The Apple iPad is fast redefining mobile media. In just a few short few months since its release it has conjured up a storm of excitement and opened endless possibilities for a new era of publishing. With the buzz and excitement comes a multitude of new research surrounding the iPad, its usage and its future potential, so much research in fact that it can all get a bit confusing.

So, to help make everything nice and clear YUDU have created a useful report that highlights all the key iPad stats and trends, in one easy resource, we’re good like that!

The Report can be read for free on the iPad/iPhone by downloading the YUDU Media App and then seleting the “iPad Trends” report within the App.

For those of you who dont have an iPad you can read the report online by clicking below.

Click to launch the full edition in a new window
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  1. Brought to you by web and iPad publishing specialists The Apple iPad Trends and Statistics 1 Apple iPad – Trends and Statistics Apple’s iPad is redeining the future of not just mobile media, but also computing devices in general.

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