YUDU.com comes up trumps in the Sunday Times

One of the UK’s biggest Sunday Newspapers, The Sunday Times, rank YUDU.com in their top 5 ‘design your own’ websites.

If you were flicking through one of the UK’s biggest Sunday newspapers at the weekend you may have come across a handy little article written by Mike Peake, entitled Five Best Design-Your-Own Sites. The article is a rundown of powerful website that can help the creatively minded design their own books, clothes and many other products, with YUDU.com taking the very impressive No. 2 spot.

As Peake outlines, YUDU.com is an easy, accessible free platform that can add a new dimension to your website. An eBook or digital magazine can be created effortlessly by simply uploading a pdf, and hey presto,  you have yourself a page turning online publication that can be embedded on your website or, in essence, used as a website itself.

No 1, zazzle.co.uk is a platforms to turn graphics into transfers for anything from skateboards to hats, bonusprint.co.uk came in 3rd and enables the creation of your own printed book or photo album. Coming in fourth was streetshirts.com, a site that allows you to print and design clothing, while  moonfruit.com, a free online drag-and-drop website-builder, came in 5th.

Some great sites, we’re sure you’ll agree and we’re proud to be up there with the best.

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