Celebrate the Life of Hans Christian Andersen with a Collection of his Fairy Tales

Today is the anniversary of the death of the celebrated children’s author Hans Christian Andersen.

During his lifetime he delighted children worldwide with his enchanted stories which have since been translated into over 150 languages and inspired ballets, plays and film. We have a collection of his fairy tales for you to enjoy today including famous works such as “The Snow Queen”, “The Red Shoes” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Andersen’s Fairy Tales is part of YUDU’s Top 10 Children’s Classics

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  1. According to the publisher’s information, Andersen himself created some of the drawings and scissor-cut paper images that the illustrator incorporated into her varied and expressive artwork. Though no source notes are appended, the volume ends with short lists of recommended books, from Andersen’s autobiography to recent translations of his stories to biographies written for young people. Informative, handsome, and readable.

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