Digital Magazine Publishers, it’s your time to shine with the DMA awards!

Here at YUDU we are proud of the interesting, innovative and entertaining magazines published using our technology, and let’s face without your publications, our website would be somewhat sparse!

With this in mind we are delighted to spread the news about The Digital Magazine Awards 2010, launched by Bruce Hudson, editor of Retro Magazine, published on YUDU (and this week’s featured edition). Aimed to celebrate the best in digital publishing, the awards not only seeks to recognise talent in industry but it also wishes to raise the bar, ensuring growth and development within the industry.

There are 19 categories open for entry, recognising designers, writers, editors, and both specialists and generalist titles that are innovating in online and digital publishing. This is a great opportunity for all you publishers out there to showcase your digital magazines and give them the recognition they deserve. Entry forms can be found here, you have till the 15th of August to submit entries.

We hope to see some of YUDU’s finest announced amongst the winners on October 27th.

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