Some of life’s great mysteries answered! (By some very insightful 9 year olds)

Have you ever wondered why dogs have tails? Why porcupines have needles? How Cats get their whiskers? or How Sharks got their teeth?

Well wonder no more; pupils at M.W. Savege Elementary have produced a wonderful collection of stories on life’s musings, published on YUDU by their very aptly named publishing center: Whale Tale Publishing. The collection is housed in both their YUDU library, called Homework Dog and their blog.

This collection of 18 adorable stories (I’m told there are more on the way) have been created by the pupils in a third grade class from Minnesota.

After pupils let their imaginations run wild to write and illustrate colourful these stories by hand, stories like, How the Turtle Got Their Shells and How Jellyfish got their Stingers. Teachers at M.W. Savage Elementary decided they wanted to add a technological element to their teaching and uploaded them to YUDU, and we’re glad they did because we love them, and we’re told that the children love being published authors too!

This is a fantastic example of how YUDU can be used in education; this free service has added a new dimension to the children’s work creating some delightful creations. It also allows work to be shared via email to friends and relatives in different cities, states and continents.

Still not sure which one’s of these charming tales is my favourite yet though!!

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