YUDU for iPad & iPhone

As you know, we’re gearing up for the launch of our iPad/iPhone solution, which will be available to Pro customers from early June. Digital publications will no longer be limited to the computer or laptop; via custom-built branded apps our Pro customers will be able to reach wider audiences with their content viewable on the iPad and iPhone as well.

We’ve had a few people asking why is it only available to Pro customers so wanted to explain further:

Anyone can choose to buy a custom-built branded app from YUDU but the technology that converts your publication into an iPad edition is accessible only from the Pro self publishing back-end system and therefore only to Pro customers. The Pro systeallows you to upload your PDFs and then it outputs to Flash digital edition format and iPad/iPhone format. As a free or Plus user, you would first need to  upgrade to Pro before you could create the iPad edition.For more information on YUDU Pro, click here or visit the Pro website.

How will the YUDU iPad solution work?

First, you will purchase your very own branded ‘app’ for your title, which will house all your publications. YUDU will submit your app for approval by Apple. You can then sell or give you app away via Apple’s App Store. Then, every time you publish your Pro digital edition, you can also create an iPad edition and publish to your App (or YUDU can do it for you). Readers with iphone or iPads are notified when each new publication is available – either to buy or for free, depending on the model you choose.

Want to see the app in action?

Watch the demo video of YUDU’s iPad solution to date

Visit the Pro site for more information

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2 replies

  1. Much anticipation and excitement at adsynergy, ( a YuduPro Partner since 2006), Apple confirmed shipping for our pre-ordered iPads, the new website http://www.synergydigital.co.uk will be live on Thursday 27th May and we have 3 demo editions lined up as soon as the adsynergy app is ready.
    As Rich Roocroft would say ‘Exciting times’

  2. Of course, if Apple would stop being so retarded about flash then iDevice users could just view yudu content in the browser like the rest of the world, in a device independent format. Can you imagine PC owners buying a “yudu viewer” application?

    The 90% of apps which do nothing but show web content are just jumping on the bandwagon, a flash in the pan and wasted development time in the long term.

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