Keep YUDU Free!

Due to the huge success of and the increasing server costs to host vast amounts of free publications created every day, YUDU have now implemented some changes, so that we can continue to keep the site free for everyone.

We’ve now started serving a small advert into ‘page 0’, underneath the carbon neutral message, on all FREE publications. ‘Page 0’ appears to the left of each publication’s front cover.

Which YUDU publications will this effect?

YUDU Free – Ads appear

Adverts will be served in to all publications created with a free account, on page 0, underneath the carbon neutral message. The adverts shown will be relevant to each publication, based on the categories that the publisher selects when creating their digital publication.

If you don’t want ads to appear in your free publications, you can upgrade to YUDU Plus. YUDU Plus also allows you to enhance your publications with video and more and also gives you the tools to sell your publications.

YUDU Plus – No ads

Adverts will not be visible in publications created with a YUDU Plus account and all pages will remain the same, with a simple carbon neutral message. If you want to fully customize your page 0 (and for other advanced publishing features), you may want to consider YUDU Pro – request the pricing brochure or a free Pro preview.

YUDU Pro – No ads, full customisation

We will not stream adverts into YUDU Pro publications either. However, Pro publishers CAN CHOOSE to use the innovative SmartADS Pro functionality as a way to make money from their publications. Interested? Contact us for more info.

So, if you don’t want ads to appear in your free publications, upgrade to YUDU Plus now for just £99 (approx. $150 USD) a year. Remember, you can try YUDU Plus for free for 14 days.

Introducing advertising will enable us to keep free for everyone. Thanks for all your support and here’s to many more years of free content and free publishing!

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