Yudu Development with the Apple iPad and other eBook Readers

We at YUDU are excited by the opportunity presented by the Apple iPad and other eBook readers and have been working for some time on a cross platform solution that will deliver a great reading experience for users and a valuable solution for publishers.

We consider it important not only to fully engage with the Apple iPad proposition, but also to deliver the leading solution for other mobile reading devices to complement the awarding winning YUDU technology for Netbooks and PC’s.

In keeping with the YUDU principles, we will deliver a ubiquitous self publishing solution that is world class for Professional publishers.  We will be working with our existing Partners and new clients prior to launch to ensure our development team delivers the best solution. “

Please click the link www.yudu.com/info/ebook-reader to register for advance briefing and Beta testing opportunities.

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  1. Currently iPad & IPhone are not implementing Flash on their safari versions. How is YUDU facing this when it says “Yudu development with iPad & oher ebook readers”?

  2. it important not only to fully engage with the Apple iPad phone proposition, but also to deliver the leading solution for other mobile phones.
    plr articles

    • Hi Val, yes, our eReader solution will eventually roll out to all eReading devices, including the Kindle for our self publishing Pro customers 🙂 Watch this space for more information and timings.

  3. Yudu will not allow me to view my magazine subscriptions – I am signed in (Yudu recognizes me and knows I’m signed in), but when I try to view magazines w/in my subscription — Yudu asks me to confirm my email address and password – when I do that – it says I cannot be verified. Any help would be appreciated (Note: I was able to view the magazines the last time I looked – plus – I can view my magazines through “traditional” subscriptions.

    • Hi Claire,
      I know this issue has been sorted with you now – we’re sorry you were having trouble. In future, for speed, you can email yuduquery@yudu.com if you experience problems and the development team will into it.

  4. Very excited to see how you implement the Yudu Plus features on the iPad such as subscription implementation, which shouldn’t be too difficult, highlighted hyperlinks, video and flash which will be a challenge. I want to upgrade our account to Plus, but only after I can see the capabilities. I really wish apple would give flash capabilities to the iPhone and iPad… it not only makes it difficult on developers it makes it difficult on the end users too. If you need someone to beta test, just let me know!

    • Hi Tony, thanks for your comment. Features such as live hyperlinks, video and subscription tools will be available on our iPad solution but sadly, as you say, not flash. The YUDU iPad solution however will only be available to our Pro customers, not free or Plus account holders. We will be developing branded iPad/iPhone apps for publihsers. We’ll keep the blog updated as we know more so watch this space!

  5. I downloaded the world of cross stitching application that you developed for ipad.
    I noticed that there is no option to archive old magazine issues. The only option available is to delete the issue and maybe download again at a later time. I really dont want to do this as downloading an issue takes time.
    I dont want to delete my magazines as i really want them but i now have limited space on my ipad. I just want to be able to move my old issues to my computer and reload back to my ipad at a later time.
    Will an archive or backup functionality be implemented soon?

    • Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t allow for a computer to get direct access to the iPad, so this isn’t possible – you can’t move editions off onto your computer. So, because of this issue, we will always maintain the ability to re-download to your iPad.
      The YUDU Team

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