Aspiring authors – how can YUDU help you?

saturated writing by tnarik.

Traditionally the hardest part of becoming an author was finding someone to publish your work. The Internet is changing how these processes work, and YUDU is a big part of these ongoing developments.

So, if you’re trying to make it as a writer, how can YUDU help you?

Well first of all, if what you’ve written is in a Word document or a PDF, then you can publish it yourself. Simply upload your document and let YUDU convert it into a page-turning eBook within minutes. You’ll be sent a link once it’s been converted and it will also appear in your YUDU library.

Once your work is published you’ll be able to flick through its virtual pages, send it to people via email, links or social media tools, and with our embed function, you can even make it available to read in full on your blog or website.

If you’re not quite confident enough to share your work with the world yet, YUDU also lets you keep your eBooks private – for your eyes only, or password protected – so you can share it with a select few.

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  1. I have written articles for veterinary magazines for ten years. Some of these are hosted on the website. Many of the topics covered would be of interest to a wider audience. I am interested in understanding how to earn from online publishing.

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