Marketing your digital online publications – a few tips!

If you’re new to publishing on YUDU, there are a few quick tips you can use to market your editions, and help beef up your readership.

First of all, make sure you’re publication itself is well laid out. No matter what the subject matter, people are always more likely to pass something they come across along to their friends if it’s nicely laid out. Ensure your layout is tidy, the colour scheme is not overly garish, and any images you use are of a decent resolution. YUDU lets you tag links in your article, so make sure you pepper your work with useful, informative links. Making yourself a minor hub for exploration and communication will increase your online presence.

Secondly, once you’ve published, you need to push your digital publication. YUDU gives you some of the tools you need to do this. On the publication preview page there’s a link that lets you tweet a link to your magazine or journal. Try setting up a Twitter account specifically devoted to your publication, then you can collect followers who you think will enjoy reading what you’ve produced. Always be polite – nobody responds well to people pushing their work in a rude, or overbearing manner – this kind of behaviour is liable to get you a reputation as a spammer. It’s all about building a community of devoted fans!

Consider using other social media – why not make a Facebook fan page for your publication? Encourage your friends to join up and spread the word, and before long you’ll be attracting new and eager readers from all over the world.

Submit a link to your publication to link sharing websites such as Digg. This way people interested in your subject can search out your publications for themselves.

Promote your work through a blog – with YUDU’s embedding function you can put your digital magazine almost anywhere. This is also a great way for fans to display your work on their own blogs, increasing your publication’s exposure.

And finally, the golden rule – make sure you produce quality content! It’s no secret that competing for traffic on the Internet is a difficult business, and as the volume of written content increases, producing high-quality content is the best way to stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. Remember: whilst great content often fails to get picked up, poor quality content never gets picked up at all.

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