Get creative (and scared) with Psycho Styrene

Psycho Styrene surely have one of the best names that we, at YUDU have ever heard. But there’s more to this self-described ‘sci-fi fantasy horror modelling magazine’ than an excellent moniker – Psycho Styrene is an excellent representation of why digital publishing has so much potential.

This creepy Dracula is one of many sci-fi models featured in Psycho Styrene

Most peoples’ experience with polystyrene is limited to packaging, and fond childhood memories of breaking the stuff into tiny fragments and burying it deep in your parent’s carpet. But for the styrene modelling community, it’s just one of many mediums through which to construct faithful reproductions of favourite characters, scenes and vehicles from any number of comics, movies and cult TV shows.

Traditionally minority hobbies have not been represented in print – it simply doesn’t make financial sense for publishers to invest in publishing a magazine that does not have a large enough demographic. But with e-publishing, which costs little to nothing, these barriers are removed. Now these communities can publish by themselves, and can promote, embed and sell their publications with ease.

Digital publishing services like YUDU are providing communities with a platform on which to connect and distribute. Why not get exploring our ever-expanding library of content right now.

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