YUDU Wins Award for Customer Engagement

One thing that has been consistent here at YUDU is the awards. Over the last several years, we have been recognized several times for our efforts to bring the publishing industry into the 21st century. Recently, we have been lucky enough to add another new trophy to our case.

At the recent industry event, Catalogue Exchange/ECMOD 2009 Supplier Awards, YUDU SmartCat won Most Innovative Solution for Online Customer Engagement. YUDU SmartCat is the new dynamic eCatalogue management system from YUDU Media that links product codes, product descriptions and prices in real time ensuring eCommerce sites and online catalogues are fully integrated and display the same data at all times. It also also gives catalogue marketers a variety of swift product ordering options for the user as well as letting marketers display different prices to different customers.

YUDU SmartCat was only launched earlier this month and it is already picking up accolades. This is just one more confirmation that we continue to deliver great value to the marketplace. Thank you to all who support what we do.

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3 replies

  1. Engaging? Well I was hooked by your last email, ‘Free titles on Yudu’ it said (then explained in small print) but I clicked on the Browse Free title in the Professional YUDU store link anyway.

    “Sorry, we couldn’t find any subscriptions in ‘free’.”

    Oh well, might as well disengage and nick over to Issuu đŸ™‚

    • Hi Fred, thanks for your comment – yes, we realise that there was a problem with the free titles not showing properly on the URL that email was directing to… the email has now been changed whilst this problem is sorted, so we apologise for any inconvenience. There are thousands of free titles to be found on the explore tab of the YUDU library so we hope you come back to read more!

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