Making Science Fiction into Reality

All of us have a little “geek” hidden deep within the inner recesses of our psyche. It is that geek side of us that gets excited every time there is a Star Wars marathon on television or the latest fantasy blockbuster movie is released into theaters. It is that geek in all of us that always wanted to know how laser guns might become a reality some day or if we might eventually figure out to beam a human being from one location to another.

In the meantime, there are true “geeks” making fantasy into reality through models and replicas, as highlighted in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller Magazine. The latest volume, for example, showcases a model of the Batmobile – Dark Knight style – as well as a lunar module model for the upcoming movie, Moon.

For volume 14 as well as a few previous volumes, check out the Happy Medium Press Library on Better yet, share some of your own “geeky” interests on

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