20 Years After the Fall of the Wall

Most of us remember where we were the day the Berlin wall fell. We all knew we were witnessing something special, something historic. However, it is not often that we get to hear the first hand account of those who witnessed the fall of the Iron Curtain first hand and those grew up in its shadow.

Now on YUDU.com is the uncorrected proof version of “The Wall in My Head: Words and Images From the Fall of the Iron Curtain.” This compelling anthology is a collection fiction, essays, images, and historical documents that reflect on this momentous occasion which occurred 2 decades ago. According to the description, “The Wall In My Head provides a unique view into the change, optimism, and confusion that came with 1989 and examines how each of these has weathered the twenty years since that fateful year.”

To read “The Wall In My Head” and other compelling works, visit YUDU.com and explore the library. You’re bound to find something that grabs you. Tell us about some of your favorite works on YUDU.

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