YUDU Launches Virtual Newsstand – YUDU Store

Are you looking for a single place to read all of your favorite magazines online? Are you interested in finding interesting magazines to read from around the world? Are you a publisher looking to increase your global reach while lowering your costs? Look no further than YUDU Store.

This new service, designed by the award-winning creators of YUDU.com and YUDU Pro in conjunction with some of the UK’s leading publishing houses, will be launching Tuesday September 1st. Magazine publishers will now be able to host their editions online and utilize secure subscription tools to drive traffic to, and monetize, their online publications.

According to a recent release, YUDU Store will benefit consumers by providing:

  • A wide selection of titles from some of the UK’s leading publishers
  • New innovative subscribers’ clubs with interactive pages such as forums and polls, alongside access to magazines’ back catalogues
  • Traditional payment methods including single issue and fixed term subscriptions (alongside the subscribers’ clubs)
  • A smart navigation system letting consumers quickly find their chosen magazine

In addition, YUDU Store will provide publishers:

  • Multiple streams of revenue including extra advertising space
  • Free distribution of all advertising copies reducing financial and environmental costs for the publisher
  • 75:25 revenue share
  • Built-in communication with consumers through the new subscribers’ clubs, designed to assist marketing managers
  • Marketing support including free flash banners for advertising purposes
  • Weekly and monthly in-depth reports containing unit sales, demographics, ad clicks and individual article popularity figures

If you are looking for the future of magazine publishing, look no further than YUDU Store.

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