Cuddle Up With a Good Techno-Thriller

As we discussed in our last blog post, many authors today are choosing to self-publish their books, reports, and white papers. Those authors wanting to save on printing costs, improve distribution, and add extra WOW to their publications are turning to for digital publishing.

The latest novel that is quickly climbing the charts on is Null_Pointer by Ken McConnell. This techno-thriller is a Joshua Jones mystery involving murder, programming code, and the Internet. When the man in the cubicle next to him is found dead of an apparent heart attack, Jones must unravel a mystery that involves “a psychotic hacker who can strike through the internet, leaving no trace.”

If you are interested in a quick read that will leave your blood pumping, check out Null_Pointer by Ken McConnell. As of this blog post, it has climbed from number 35 to number 25 on the list of top publications in a matter of a single day. Check out Null_Pointer and other great content at

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