YUDU Now Integrated With YouTube

With YUDU Plus, you can add extra wow to your publications. For a small annual fee, you can add video, audio, or Flash to your page and can even sell your publications in the YUDU Marketplace. You can also promote others’ publications and earn a commission as an affiliate. YUDU Plus allows you to create and sell professional ePublications without the professional price tag.

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

YUDU Plus has made enhancing your publications even easier. You can now pull YouTube videos directly into your digital publications. Instead of uploading your videos and storing them on YUDU, simply create an overlay in your YUDU Plus document, select YouTube as your content, and enter the URL of your video. It is that easy. To see an example of a finished product, check out Barack Obama’s “The BluePrint for Change”, now enhanced with YouTube.

YUDU makes it even easier to create, enhance, and share your expertise with the world. Now all you need to do is decide which format works best for your content: written, spoken, or visual. Or, why not just use them all. The possibilities are endless with YUDU.

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    • Hi Jeff, I’ll get the team to look into this now. It doesn’t appear to be a site wide problem and so it may be an issue with a specific publication / incorrect URL. Can you give us any more information – are you looking at a particular publication? If so, send us the link and we’ll look straight into it.

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