Random Finds – 30/6/2009

We thought we would start a new feature on the blog. As we browse through YUDU.com, we often find interesting publications that are worth sharing with everyone. Here on the blog, we can go into a bit more detail than if we shared them on Twitter. They don’t always go together and some are more bizarre than others, however, all are worth a look if you are interested in great content. We do guarantee one thing: they will all be a bit…random.

Incidentally, if you are interested in submitting your publication as a Random Find, send us an e-mail with a link at social.networking [at] yudu [dot] com or simply send us a Tweet. Without further ado, here are our random finds, June 30th, 2009 edition. I guess you could say it has an art motif:

Do you enjoy random art? Have we got a publication for you. Altered Bits Art Zine publishes a quarterly edition of mixed media art, with the latest theme being “Odd Numbers” (incidentially, April’s edition “Anatomically Altered” is also quite entertaining). This publication was brought to our attention by one of our Twitter followers, @aprintaday.

Here’s another @aprintaday favorite, Moloko Plus. If you are into more contemporary art (illustrations, design, and photography), you’ll really enjoy this publication. Text is in Russian, but the artwork is universal.

Are you a graphic designer? Grafik Magazine may suit your tastes as well. Whether you’re in search for some inspiration or just want to see some interesting lay outs, it is a good read. Also check out their Facebook page.

The last one we’ll share is The Pictures and Diary of a Wartime Artist. You get an amzing picture of World War I through the eyes of Len Smith. His diary, sketches, and watercolors are remarkably preserved and give you insight into what it was like to serve in WWI from the day he enlisted until the day the war ended.


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