Technology For Teachers

What happens when a high school social studies teacher from western Maine decides to share his fanaticism for the use of technology in the classroom? is what happens.

Richard Byrne is, by all accounts, a technology nut. He has seen the power of so many free tools available online and how they can improve the in-classroom experience. He writes a blog at where he highlights one particular technology in each post and how it helps teachers in their efforts.

Recently, Richard also created a publication and posted it on YUDU called “12 Essentials for Technology Integration.” In this free guide, Richard highlights 12 technology tools “that can be used in most classroom settings regardless of content area.” Categories include Document and Presentation Creation Tools, Tools for Communicating with Parents and Students, Tools for Creating Collaborative Student Projects, and Educational Alternatives to YouTube.

Check out 12 Essentials for Technology Integration, which is currently one of the most read publications on YUDU. Whether you are a teacher or not, you should be able to find some new tools and new ideas on how you can integrate free technology tools into your own life. You can even read Richard’s latest blog on how to integrate YUDU into the classroom.

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