The Evolution of the Wildlife Magazine

National Geographic garners a lot of attention for its stunning wildlife photography, and why shouldn’t it? It’s been encouraging people to care about our planet for over 120 years. In fact, the surge in popularity of films such as March of the Penguins, the Planet Earth Television Series, or Disney’s Earth movie show that there is a growing awareness of not only the beauty of our planet, but of efforts to help maintain that beauty.

What is amazing is that, with the growth of online publishing tools such as, brilliant nature photographers now have the chance to distribute their work all over the world and monetize their efforts through unique advertising opportunities. With users numbering in the hundreds of thousands, YUDU offers access to a virtual newsstand where photographers can sell and/or distribute photos, create and distribute magazines, create albums, and more.

Take Scanout, for instance. They “specialize in capturing movement and action, regardless of whether it’s in still images or on film.” They also specialize in fishing, hunting, wildlife, adventure travel, tourism and underwater. They work with clients worldwide to create stunning imagery and compelling live action video.

As a way to showcase their work as well as the gear they use, they created Scanout Magazine, otherwise known as “_Off the Road!” So far, they have 3 issues that take you on a ride along at a mustang ranch in Stag River, Argentina; Tarpon fishing off the coast of Miami Beach, FL; and flyfishing in Steelhead Paradise, BC. The breathtaking imagery is combined with insightful commentary to tell a compelling story.

However, one of the coolest features about the digital format is that with the YUDU platform, Scanout is able to highlight the gear that is used in each picture and link it back to the websites where you can purchase each item. Whether these are paid advertisements or not, a reader can see a piece of equipment in action and instantly go to the place online where they can buy it. Scanout even offers a gear page called “ Backstage” where they highlight “the gear and the people that made this project a success”. Again, they link every picture to its associated website.

Not only does this offer a novel way to showcase a photographer’s work, but a novel way for providing value to advertisers and sponsors. With the addition of video, Scanout Magazine could even offer a full interactive experience.

With so much beauty in the world, now offers a way that those who capture it on film can share it with the world.

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