Man Cannot Live on Print Alone

Much has been said about the tools available today, such as, to convert your printed publications into native format digital publications. YUDU has become a haven for small niche publications, such as Eagle Magazine from Eagle, Idaho; Colorado Homeowner Magazine from Ft. Collins, CO; and George Hirsch Lifestyle eMagazine from Southampton, NY. While YUDU is unique in the fact that is allows you to add multimedia to your printed publication and it allows you to sell your publications, there are several services out there that offer your basic conversion print to digital.

However, YUDU has become more than a library of term papers and corporate newsletters. We have seen amazing growth in printed publications, however, what has surprised us is how many users we have who utilize YUDU for promoting and distributing their music albums, audio books, photography, and videos. YUDU has literally become an eLibrary and marketplace for digital content.

Here are just a few examples: posted a “lavish production of one of [their] best-selling short stories” as an audio book titled “PI-R-US”. The story unfolds as “John’s early morning coffee is disturbed by a madman claiming to have discovered the secret behind PI.” Simply go to the Item Details page and click to listen or download. You can even listen to a sample here before you choose to spend the £1.00 ($1.51) to buy it.

African relief charity, Philadelphia Mission, promotes the photos it sells on YUDU. All proceeds from the sale of photos goes toward relief for the poor in rural Africa. Its photos include this one of Grace, a 3 year-old Nigerian from the Kambari Tribe.

Trevor Williams, global business reporter by day and budding independent musician by night, uses YUDU to publish his songs for anyone interested in listening or downloading. His most recent work, Middle Country, is posted as an entire album on

For photographers, like Sarah Burnett-Moore, you can even post your entire portfolio of photos and sell them using YUDU’s eCommerce engine. With YUDU’s affiliate program, she can even pay a small commission to have others promote her content for her.

As you can see, is not just for the corporate brochure anymore. It can be used to collect, promote, and distribute digital content in almost any format. The question, then, comes down to how you best express your expertise. Is it through words, sound, or images? Whatever the answer, YUDU can help you share that expertise with the world.

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