New YUDU Pro Features

As most of you know, there are 3 different levels of YUDU. The base level YUDU allows you to upload any PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or OpenOffice document and create stunning flip-style publications – all for free. By upgrading to YUDU Plus for a small yearly fee, you can enhance your digital publications with multimedia, such as video, audio, or Flash animation, and you can sell your publications through our digital newsstand.

For our professional customers, we also offer YUDU Pro. This is our advanced customized option that offers features such as  customized loading screen and reader window, bureau service where we convert your publications for you, digital rights management, detailed stats package, and more. We have just added 3 new features to YUDU Pro to improve our multi-award winning package even more.

Animated Flip Book Icon

In the past, YUDU offered 2 ways to promote your publication: placing a static icon of your front page with a link back to the publication or embedding the publication in a special viewer on your web page or blog. Now we have added another impressive promotion tool.

There is a new option under the Preview/Publish menu called Flipbook. Each time you publish, YUDU will automatically generate a mini page-turning Flash icon that you can add to your website or blog. When a preview has been published, you will also see an animated preview of 8 pages of your publication. You simply copy and paste the code (at the bottom of the preview/publish page) needed to embed this icon on your webpage. You can even alter the size of the icon. This animated publication will draw people’s attention and links to your full publication.

This feature is can increase the click rate to your publications by up to 700%! The good news is that we will shortly be rolling it out to all users too… so watch this space.

Media Browser

Looking for an even richer reading experience? With the new media display menu, a reader can view and browse images, audio, video and Flash right from within the publication. You have the option to include the new button on the reader toolbar, which opens up a menu that makes accessing the multimedia files inside or outside the publication so much easier. When you publish your edition, go to ‘media browser settings’ and simply tick the checkbox next to the items that you wish to be included. You can even upload new files, that are not within your publication.

Reader Highlights

And finally, you can now allow your readers to add yellow highlights to areas or articles of interest within your publication just as they might with a physical edition. You will now notice a highlight button on the reader toolbar. This works in the same way as the Notes feature. You simply click the button on the toolbar to add highlights to the page. When you have finished adding highlights, you click the highlight button again to continue. You can delete or add additional highlights and they are stored on the individual users computer so they are customized to you. You can even view all of your Notes and Highlights with a single click.

If you are interested in learning more about YUDU Pro and how it can benefit your publication, feel free to e-mail us at or visit

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