Are You A YUDU Plus User And Want Free Promotion?

We are very lucky to have thousands of publishers who produce amazing things using YUDU and YUDU Plus. As always we try and showcase our experts as much as possible. Now we have an opportunity for you to show off your work and get a little free promotion in the process.

We are currently putting together a page to promote our YUDU Plus upgrade, which still allows you to create amazing digital publications, but also gives you the power to enhance them with multimedia and sell your publications through our eMarketplace. The added tools that come with YUDU Plus allow you to truly showcase (and get paid for) your expertise.

On this promotional page, we would like to feature the work of several of our experts. We are looking for anyone out there who is a YUDU Plus subscriber and would like to be featured in our marketing efforts. Please contact us at social.networking[at] with your contact information and links to your publications. If we like your work, you could be one of our featured Plus users.

Send us your work!

3 replies

  1. I’m trying to write more articles and help the online community with their homes. I have knowledge and experiance with real estate in los angeles california and I know the process to help homeowners to avoid foreclosures. How can I become a writer on your site?

  2. Yanni, all you need to do is upload your PDF, PowerPoint, or Word documents and viola! You are now a publisher on our site. If you upgrade to YUDU Plus (click the YUDU Plus link at the bottom of the page) you can add multimedia to your publications and even sell them. Let us know if you have any questions.

  3. As a first time user of Yudu (still getting familiar with the application) I am extremely pleased with its platform and features. In my opinion, it’s in a whole different league than Scribd or DocStoc. Unfortunately, I’m not yet a Yudu Plus Subscriber, but I think it’s only a matter of time. Well done, Yudu.

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