The Future of Digital Books?

There has been a lot of talk lately about the future of the publishing industry and the surge of digital publishing alternatives. The latest come from an article in the New York Times, which mentions upstarts Vook, WEBook, and Wattpad as new alternatives for authors looking to bypass the traditional publishing channels in order to control their own distribution. As adoption of digital editions increases, new tools continue to become available to publish and read the “digital word”.

YUDU had its start in the publishing industry almost a decade ago and has seen an evolution occur before its eyes. While printed books or magazines may never be completely replaced, digital editions offer rich interactivity unlike any other. The development team at YUDU has built a multimedia platform from the ground up in order to combine print, audio, and video for a complete sensory experience.

According to the New York Times Article, Sara Nelson, the former editor of Publishers Weekly and a publishing industry consultant, said “If you are going to put video in a book, it has to flow so naturally into the story that readers don’t even realize they are switching mediums.” As digital editions evolve, they will continue to improve the reading experience by making multimedia seamless.

While YUDU offers a rich interactive publishing platform, it will continue to evolve and add features that simplify the interface, improve the experience, and increase access.  Currently, YUDU is the only platform to offer both multimedia publications as well as a marketplace to sell them, however, as other technologies catch up it becomes even more important to find easy access to a source for great content. As the experience continues to improve, so will the adoption. Now is the time to experience digital books for yourself. Start with the YUDU library and tell us what you think.

How do you see yourself using digital books?

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