When Love Turns Miserable

Author Claudia D. Christian calls herself a “dreamer of miserable love stories”. Her books and short stories are replete with angst, obsession, and irony – enough to brighten any day! As Ms. Christian describes, “I’m a dark romance writer of ANGST who loves vicious villains and impure heroines. Broken hearts are a given. Happy endings optional. Obsession always.”

One other thing that is innovative about Claudia Chrisitan’s approach is her use of YUDU to showcase short stories as a “teaser” edition. This new trend for authors has become an effective tool to showcase their writing to potential readers in “bite-size chunks”.

Amazon.com launched their “Look Inside” feature in 2001 as a way to preview books for sale on the massive book E-tailer’s website. It has grown this feature to even include a full-text preview for a fee. This feature has been a huge hit with both authors and readers alike. It has given readers the ability to get a feel for an author and it has given authors the chance to promote and sell more books.

With tens of thousands of registered users, YUDU can offer authors an instant audience to which they can promote their content. Since our launch in September, we have seen a rapid increase in the number of teaser editions just like Claudia D. Chrisitan’s Fallen on YUDU. With the combination of a passionate audience, search engine optimization, and an easy to use tool set, YUDU makes book promotion simple and effective.

Even if it makes love miserable.

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