The Evolution of the Newsletter

Company newsletters have been around for years. They act as a marketing vehicle, a way to inform customers and prospects of company news, and as an advertising opportunity for sponsors and partners. While historically they were delivered to your mailbox every month, within the last 10 years they have evolved into eNewsletters. This provides more of an interactive alternative to the paper version.

Many companies are now taking advantage of the latest tools in digital publishing to evolve the newsletter again. Chase Marketing uses YUDU to publish eNewsletters for multiple clients. The Whole Health Expo uses YUDU for its program guide. In these trying economic times, Employment Guide has turned to YUDU to publish digital versions of its employment ad inserts. The Detroit Regional Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council uses YUDU for its monthly newsletters. Monterey, TN has even started publishing its local newspaper, Hilltop Express, on YUDU.

No matter what your business or organization, YUDU can add new life to your newsletters. With the interactivity, the ability to add multimedia and live links, the search engine capabilities, and the ability to embed the publication right on your website, eNewsletters have become relevant again.

What can YUDU do for your newsletter?

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