A Balanced Diet of Chocolate

Of all the experts we have come across, this has to be one of the most delicious. A U.S. company has taken chocolate-loving to whole new level. Donya Marie’s Beyond Chocolate is company that “designs, manufactures and sells ordinary foods turned extra-ordinary with dark chocolate.” It offers everything from dark chocolate enhanced barbecue sauces, Bloody Mary mix, meat rubs, pancake syrup, and more.

Asked why she got into the business, Donya said, “I have always loved dark chocolate, both for its taste and health benefits. My husband and I were looking for a business we could start as our retirement and I felt what better business could there be than chocolate?”. The self-educated dark chocolate expert even writes a blog where she dishes about chocolate, social media, and more.

Recently, Donya was even covered in a McClatchy newspaper article that discussed her innovative use of social media to promote her business. Through the use of Twitter and Facebook, Donya has been able to drive increased interest in her products and increased sales through her website.

Apparently, there is something inherent in chocolate that gets people talking. Now after having sampled her products, we can understand why.

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