Take YUDU With You

We have been overwhelmed with the unbelievable response we have received from raving fans around the world. Users have fallen in love with YUDU’s simple ability to create, enhance, and share their expertise with the world. Inevitably, the next question is “how do I put it on my own website?”

At YUDU, we are all about giving experts a voice. It is our mission to give everyday experts the oppportunity to build a following and make money from their expertise. We provide an eMarketplace and library to promote your expertise once you publish. However, if we only made your publications available on our website, it would limit your ability to promote your content.

From the beginning, YUDU was built with freedom in mind. We want experts to be free to publish and promote their content wherever they can. For this reason, we built an embed feature into YUDU.com from our first version. From the publication’s detail page, you click on “Embed this item” and this simple feature produces a small snippet of code based on the size dimensions you input. You simply add that code to your website or blog and voila! You now have a digital publication embedded right on your own website. It works just as it would on YUDU’s own site. In fact, if readers want to view a larger version, they can click on a small link below the publication and it opens in its own window.

We show you a good example of how to embed on our YUDU Pro site, but our users have implemented this feature in many different ways, such as embedding the latest edition of your magazine on a section of the page or making your publication almost the entire front page (while also using our e-mail collection feature). Here is another great example of making your YUDU publication occupy the majority of your front page. Our users have embedded brochures, eBooks, presentations, and more.

Now for a secret tip. While embedding a brochure on your site can offer a pretty impressive way to display content, it also offers you better promotion of that content. Not only will everyone who visits your website see it, but also everyone who visits your site will count towards the page views of that publication in our eMarketplace. When someone s looking for a publication to read, they can click on the “Explore” button on the front page. This takes them to our eMarketplace where the publications are listed by popularity (views). This naturally drives the traffic of the most popular publications up even more.

If you want to share your expertise with the world but don’t want your readers to have to leave your website, embed your publications on your web page using YUDU’s embed feature. You’ll be amazed with the results.

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