Digital Magazines Drive Increased Advertising Revenue

The traditional media world is suffering. Having been supported by advertisers for years, traditional media is becoming more and more fragmented and more “eyeballs” are moving online for their news and entertainment. Many media outlets are responding by raising their prices to maintain current revenue numbers. It’s no wonder that traditional media outlets are struggling to attract advertisers that see the value in declining readers combined with increased pricing.

However, what is beginning to flourish are niche magazines focused on targeted audiences. These niche publications are able to offer lower rates to advertisers because of lower overhead (due to the elimination of printing and materials) and are able to offer much more targeted results. As more eyeballs are moving online, readership of these niche publications is increasing as well.

Digital magazines are able to offer a multimedia experience that is simply not possible in a printed publication. With YUDU’s self publishing tool, you can even create live links within a digital magazine that link directly to the advertiser’s website. This ability to immediately react to an ad with a request for more information is invaluable to advertisers. In addition, with YUDU you can add audio, video, and even Flash animation to your publication.

Here are a couple of wonderful examples from the YUDU eMarketplace:

Natural Awakenings is a magazine and community focused on healthier, more balanced life. It also focuses on particular geographic areas with both content and advertising. It’s latest digital edition for Southwestern Virginia, for example, can be found here.

Muchmor Canada Magazine is a publication we covered previously on our blog. It is a lifestyle magazine for those living in, or looking to relocate to, Canada. Their latest edition can be found here.

The Adventure Cycling Association puts out their own magazine, Adventure Cyclist, as a way to add value to its recreational bicycling membership.

There is even a weekly Employment Guide for the Portland/Vancouver area.

The possibilities are endless. If there is a niche audience to be reached, digital magazines are a great way to target them with great content and relevant advertising.

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