The Lonely Life Of The Freelancer

As many know, the life of a freelancer is both liberating and lonely. No water cooler chats, no office parties, no steady paycheck. However, freelancers work their own hours, take their vacations whenever they choose, and have the potential to make much more money and spend much more time with loved ones than a working stiff.

In the past, the resources and tools for freelancers have been sparse. However, with new tools such as YUDU and a myriad of new freelancer communities and marketplaces, freelancing has become much easier.

One such resource is the Flexible Working Life blog by Zoe Lea. While it has only been live for just over a year, it has become a valuable resource and community for the hordes of free spirits looking to carve out a living as freelance writers. As the tagline says, it is “Inspiration for the freelancer and free thinker”.

“I wanted to launch a website that offered advice for freelancers, resources for those who were looking to change their lifestyle” says Zoe. “As a freelancer I spend a lot of time online looking for work, finding resources and generally finding out what works for a freelancer, my posts are a way of sharing what I’ve found out.”

How has Flexible Working Life helped others? “People have found freelance work from job opportunities that I’ve written about and my site has also urged some to start their own business and work at something they feel passionate about instead of working for money alone.” Zoe gets many comments and e-mails from readers about how the site has inspired them to make lifestyle changes. If you are a freelancer or considering making the jump, it is much less lonely out there. Zoe and others like her are providing the information, support, and resources to help you become successful.

At YUDU, we also hope to make the freelancer’s life a lot easier through simple, yet powerful, digital publishing tools. Let us know how you use YUDU to improve your business.

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