Marketing With eBooks

As marketing becomes more about adding value rather than reach and frequency, eBooks are increasingly becoming an effective way to deliver great content that showcases expertise, provides educational value, and offers a tool for spreading the word virally about you and your business. Seth Godin, the Godfather of word-of-mouth marketing, has always been a big advocate of publishing eBooks to promote his forthcoming printed works. The latest example is the Tribes Casebook, which was written by the online Tribes group he set up on Ning. The Casebook is simply a collection of snippets from the “tribe” in order to promote his new book, Tribes.

There are literally millions of other examples of using eBooks, articles, blogs, or whitepapers to provide valuable content for the purpose of marketing products and services and establishing expertise. However, while the tools may vary the principles remain the same. The concept of “value-added marketing” is simply providing something of value in exchange for a propsect’s time and attention. It is about exchanging value for value, no matter the delivery mechanism. Valuable content will not only capture the attention of your prospects, but will encourage them to pass it along.

That’s where YUDU comes in. In the past, the tools for value added-marketing were often static or lacking in aesthetics. PDFs provided only one-way content and blogs and forums were blatantly lacking in design. YUDU is one of the first to provide a publishing tool that combines the best of both worlds.

Design your content in any tool with which you feel comfortable (from Word to Quark), upload that content to YUDU, and then enhance your content with video, audio, or Flash. You can embed your new multimedia publication in your website or blog or simply provideĀ  a link to the hosted publication on YUDU (such as a link in an e-mail). You can even control the access to your publication through the privacy settings or subscription functionality.

You now have an interactive eBook with everything from turning pages to comments and ratings to notes that can be added right to the page. With YUDU, you can organize and distribute stunning content that can both educate and WOW your prospects.

Marketing is no longer about catchy jingles or creative ads, it is about establishing trust and expertise. YUDU truly gives you the ability to share your expertise with the world.

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