Poetry 2.0

J.E. Jacobson is not your average poet, but a man with many hats. To begin with, he teaches high school English and Creative Writing in Colorado. He is finishing up his Masters Degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He plays bass. He is married with a new baby. Oh, and then there is keeping up with “Haiku the Wonder Dog,” the family’s Black Labrador.

What makes him unique is that he uses several new mediums to express his work. It starts with his blog, A Poetic Matter, which he updates regularly. On his blog, he does everything from critique others’ work to publish snippets of poems he has written to discuss his role in inspiring the youth of Colorado.

J.E. has published two books through online self-publishing tools now avaliable. His latest book is called Somewhere, Love and is “a sequence of 100 Tanka poems recording the journey of a husband and his wife preparing for their first child.” This book is available through CreateSpace. His first book is a little more light hearted, is called Summer Leaves: An Original Selection of Haiku & Senryu, and is available through Lulu.

What brought J.E. to our attention is the unique way in which he uses YUDU. He has partnered with musician, Garret Hope, and has put his poetry to music in order to create a virtual dramatic reading. He has created a library on YUDU where he hosts the audio files from these readings and then links to them from his blog. In true Bob Dylan fashion, J.E. Jacobsen has found unique way to express himself and his talents.

Why push the creative boundaries? According to J.E., “not to prove anything to anybody, but to add my part into the chorus of artists and writers trying to figure it all out.”

With YUDU and all of the other tools available to artists and experts today, we are blessed with greater access to amazing content. At YUDU, we give experts a voice. We thank J.E. Jacobson for chosing to share his with us.

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