Your Own Personal "Bailout"

Much has been said of the US government’s bailout of its critical industries, such as banking, insurance, and automotive. Seems that many of these firms need to not only be saved from a faltering economy, but often from themselves. However, in times like these, everyone can use a little extra.

eBay has become one of the great success stories of the Internet. For all of us pack rats, there was finally a place we could list and sell all of our old junk and make money from our “treasures”. This giant garage sale spawned hundreds of small businesses who make a little money on the side by finding great bargains and bringing them to the masses.

Although YUDU is only a few months old, we have seen the same thing start to develop with content publishers. We have found that everyone is an expert something. YUDU now gives you a chance to make some money with your expertise. It is like clearing out the hidden corners of your mind, getting it down in a stunning digital publication, and selling it to the masses. With our YUDU Marketplace, we are looking to create our own mini “rock stars”.

In trying economic times like these, why not become your own personal “bailout”? Finally make some money from that expertise it took you a lifetime to develop? YUDU gives you the tools and the audience.

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