YUDU Adds Albums, Groups, And Subscriptions

For those of you who have been uploading documents and adding things to your library over the last couple of days, you may have noticed a couple of extras buttons in the navigation. We have responded to several requests by our users and have added 3 new features: albums, groups, and subscriptions. As always, all of our features are still in beta (which is a simpler way of saying please don’t get mad at us while we tweak things to make them better).

Albums allow you to group several different publications, photos, or other files into a single album where it can be sold or viewed as a group. This makes using YUDU much simpler for musicians, photographers, or authors who want to group their work together in packages.

The groups function allows you to set up and moderate your own interest groups to share your passions, knowledge and expertise with other like-minded users. A group can be public, moderated, or private and can have its own library and discussion forum. This feature is ideal for groups that want to get together, share, and discuss topics, reading groups that want to read and discuss a particular eBook every month, or even a place for school or work groups to collaborate on projects.

Finally, the subscriptions feature allows you to create a subscription group to sell access to multiple items – or multiple issues – over time. It’s great for weekly or monthly magazines, newletters, or even a series of eBooks. You can even archive content (such as videos or podcasts) that your subscribers can access and can market additional subscriptions to your group by giving members a free issue or teaser version.

YUDU has always been about sharing your expertise with the world. With these new features, we have given you greater flexibility in grouping and selling your expertise and in finding kindred spirits with which to share it. Please let us know what you think!

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