Eco-Friendly Dog Lovers of the World Unite!

At YUDU, we are lovers of great ideas and interesting expertise, especially when it comes to making our planet a little greener. Such is the case with Paw Luxury, an online retailer of eco-friendly products for your dog. Paw Luxury combines the best of two powerful worlds: pet lovers and green advocates. With the growth of sites like,, and, it is easy to see why a green eStore for dogs is long overdue.

Adam & Wendy Leidhecker created Paw Luxury out of their desire to find earth friendly and natural products for their lovable boxer named Lola. Though they found a few products in many different places, there was nobody that offered all eco-friendly dog products under one roof. Paw Luxury was born.

In addition to offering all eco-friendly products, Paw Luxury also strives to offer products primarily sourced and manufactured in the USA under Fair Trade standards. Everything is built around their motto of “healthy dog, healthy earth, happier life.”

Paw Luxury offers products in the areas of Treats and Eats, Collars and Leashes, Toys and Fun, Health and Wellness, Apparel and Gear, and more. Visit for a complete listing of products and information.

As a kindred spirit in the battle for “bringing green back” through digital publishing, we salute the staff at Paw Luxury for doing their part. In fact, check out our Green Business Guide for both the USA and the UK for “51 Ways That Your Business Can Save Money AND The Planet.” Hey, if a dog can do it, so can you!

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  1. I never knew having a dog was very harmful to the environment. it seems like making dog apparel in a environment friendly way is a little silly. unless it is to keep the dog warm in the winter, it’s not needed and it would be more environmentally friendly to not make dog clothes at all. I’ll have to do more research about this.

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