Silky Smooth Publishing

Browsing the YUDU ePublication Marketplace is a favorite pass time because we often run across the most interesting publications. We recently had a fan of YUDU praise us on Twitter (@hesika for you Tweeters) and wanted to find out more about her business. Hereke Silk Carpets sells “The finest carpets of the world”. These luxurious silk carpets are hand made in Turkey, where they have been produced for hundreds of years. They are a combination of art and comfort and are sold out of Berlin, Germany.

As Solveigh Calderin, owner of Hereke Silk Carpets, puts it, “Our business is an online business and it is not feasible to send a catalog around the world.” Hereke Silk Carpets takes advantage of YUDU’s ePublishing tools to produce a stunning digital catalog that it uses to market its carpets all over the world. When you have a luxury good like silk carpets, the best way to convey the craftsmanship and quality is through a YUDU digital publication. The ability to add multimedia, embed the publication in your own website, and the simple wow factor make the selling process that much easier.

“It’s been really great! I have searched for just such a possibility,” says Solveigh. With YUDU, Solveigh can make her marketing materials look as beautiful as her carpets.

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