The Business of Rebuilding

What happens when you combine years of experience in building homes with the reconstruction effort in storm ravaged New Orleans, Southern Mississippi, and Southern Texas? You get Rebuilding Management, LLC.

Rick Westmoreland is a Kansas City area home builder who built an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for his business to manage his building projects. With his years of experience, he was able to build a system that could handle all aspects of the building process, including cost estimating, material and contractor bidding, purchase and work orders, scheduling and labor management, and more.

After he watched the destructive force of storms like Katrina and Ike leave a wake of destruction along the southern coast, he saw an opportunity to help. He felt that the software he built for his own business could also help organizations looking to rebuild these cities after the storms.

According to Rick, “We decided it would be best to let local not for profits use the software because they had the case management systems in place and were more qualified to deal with the victims.” They also partnered with TradeCubate to develop a trade contractor incubator in order to devlop local trade contractors into better business people.

According to the website, “In addition to the construction-management system, Rebuilding Management offers a pool of top-performing, local trade contractors and high-quality material suppliers for you and your homeowners to choose from.  Homeowners can even select building materials (such as flooring, paint, and lighting fixtures) without ever leaving home. Rebuilding Management’s online catalogs make the selection process easy.”

“What started in New Orleans has now spread to Galveston and the Mississippi River Valley and San Diego fire disaster areas,” says Rick. Wherever there are natural disasters, there will be those looking to rebuild their lives. Rebuilding Management, LLC wants to make that process as smooth as possible. If non-profits are using donated labor and materials, there is even no charge to use the software, outside of a small transaction fee for online payments to vendors.

What next for Rebuilding Management? “We provide a reusable knowledge base in an intuitive survey sytem that we will combine with green building and energy star features in our next revision.”

For more information about Rebuilding Management, LLC, visit their website at

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