Girls Can Woot Too!

Do you love the website, The “one-deal-at-a-time” (ODAT) format has become the rage for bargain shoppers of all types. Today marks the launch of, the newest bargain shopper site targeted specifically to women who enjoy high-end fashion apparel and accessories. Unlike standard Woot, which sells one item per day, RedTagCrazy sells one item until it’s gone or “max time” runs out, which they say will last less than 2 hours in most cases. This is similar to the famous “Woot-off”on

Of course, the recipe for success is deep discounts (50-80% in most cases), top name brands, and limited time and quantities. It has been proven to fans whip fans into a frenzy and create huge followings with online properties like and as well as brick and mortar providers like Costco Wholesale. RedTagCrazy is hoping to ride the success of its predecessors to quickly establish a name for itself in the bargain fashion world.

Like each new player in the market, RedTagCrazy is making its own improvements to the ODAT model. One of the greatest complaints of “Woot-ers” is having to pay shipping with each individual item puchased. RedTagCrazy has introduced functionality that allows you to either ship immediately or hold and bundle before shipping. You simply pay the initial shipping fee and then $0.99 for each additional item. Alert tools are even available through a Firefox Add-on and iPhone ap.

“We’re creating a unique solution for exclusive brands to engage customers, move inventory, and create buzz”, stated Eric Ingram, Chief Executive of Truly Networks, Inc., parent company to We think the bargain fashonistas of the world will agree. Combine fashion expertise with a great business model and the result is

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