Do You Love Canada As Much As We Do?

Chris and Jane Toombes, Owners and Editors of Muchmor Canada Magazine, have a not-so-familiar story. Both were marketing executives for some of the largest firms in the UK but were looking for a change. As Brits looking to emigrate to Canada, they not only fell in love with their new home, but learned a few things about the immigration process. They launched a blog-style website packed with information about the immigration process and Canada itself to help smooth the process for those who followed after them.

The website became so popular that in 2004 Muchmor launched a newsletter to accompany the website. As readership grew into the thousands, Muchmor decided to re-launch the newsletter as a full-fledged monthly digital magazine.

Muchmor Canada Magazine has evolved since its launch in November, 2005. Originally aimed at people looking to move to Canada, its readership was predominately people from Europe and the USA who were looking to make Canada their home. However, as more local residents read the magazine, it shifted to more of a Canadian lifestyle format with sections for immigration and relocation.

Muchmor Media is now expanding its properties to include MBN Magazine as a complement to its social network, which targets Canadian small businesses with networking, information, and advertising opportunities. Muchmor Media also provides marketing consulting services for small businesses and a Press Release service for Ontario-based businesses.

Muchmor prefers the YUDU digital format for its magazines not only because it gives Muchmor easier access to its worldwide audience, but according to Jane, “we are able to offer contributors and advertisers the benefit of interactive links in editorial and adverts allowing readers to click on and be forwarded to the advertisers website at the point of interest, something a printed publication is unable to do.” Also, according to Jane, “because we have no printing costs our overheads are lower and we can pass these savings on in the form of low advertising rates.”

Why go to all the trouble to create an entire publication dedicated to emigrating to and living in Canada? “Muchmor Canada Magazine evolved from our love of Canada we hope that this comes across in the magazine.”

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