Is More Than Your Bottom-Line Flabby?

If there is one thing we love to see at YUDU, it is someone using their expertise to fill a unique need. Jay Salvati, founder of Fit Businessman Magazine and, has built a successful business serving the fitness needs of the busy executive.

Salvati was a successful personal trainer for about 10 years in Westchester, New York. According to him, “I noticed that the majority of my clients were the wives of men who worked hard either in the finance industry or as entrepreneurs.” What struck Jay was that while many of these women took time out of their day to stay fit, the same wasn’t true for their husbands. “There was this huge void in fitness directed to men who didn’t have the hour to devote to fitness!”, said Jay.

While there are a lot of Men’s magazine and information available in the marketplace, Salvati felt they offered too many distractions which wasted time. Busy businessmen need to effectively use their limited time and resources in order to accomplish their goal of getting and staying fit. He packs his magazine and website with tips and tricks, quick work outs, healthy recipes, and more. In fact, he is in the process of recording and editing some great workkout material to add to the site.

Where does Jay want to take the ePublication long-term? “I’d like to build a fairly large niche membership base of men who love to get fit and make money.” Salvati plans to add other great content to the publication that includes business advice as well including, finance, marketing, and others. He wants to add value to his niche customer in any way possible.

Visit Fit Businessman Magazine at Take some time out of your hectic schedule building your financial well-being and devote a little time to your physical well-being. You’ll be glad you did.

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